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5 Tips and Tricks for using your Pressure Washer this Summer:

With Summer well and truly upon us you’re probably thinking of all the future barbeques you’re wanting to host whilst looking at your embarrassingly grubby patio! Have no fear, with the South East Driveway Cleaning compilation of pressure washer tips you’ll be grilling those sausages and sipping margarita in no time. So in no particular order, here are the top five from the experts themselves:

  1. Give the soap some soaking time: Difficult stains often need some soapy goodness in order to tease them off. If you’re using detergent, make sure you give it the necessary 3-5 minutes soaking time before rinsing. This is just enough time for the soap to get a good grip on those dreaded stains and your patio will be sparkling in no time.
  2. Keep a consistent pressure: There are many different washer pressures and attachments you can choose from and we recommend sticking with your first choices rather than chopping and changing. The nozzle should lie perpendicular to your patio and you should use a smooth constant motion to avoid stripes – a pattern that will become visible if your pressure and speed are inconsistent. Don’t forget to read the safety tips as well, no harm can come through reading the manual!
  3. Master your washing technique: Feathering, sweeping strokes are the key. Overlap each sweep so that the end of one will become the middle of the next. This will keep an equal pressure over your entire patio.
  4. Drying patience: A good 48 hours is required for wooden surface before the application of sealer and preservatives. Seek advice from your manufacturer about how to keep your wooden fence or decking looking fresher for longer.
  5. Get the hang of those attachments: The rotating surface cleaner or even a turbo nozzle are guaranteed to give you a faster clean. Here at South East Driveway Cleaning we recommend those attachments if you’re looking to upgrade your pressure washer with the most efficient accessories.

That’s it, training complete! You’re now free to unleash the pressure wash on that grubby patio of yours, giving it the summer sparkle you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t forget, if you have any other queries or concerns, don’t hesitate to give South East Driveway Cleaning a call and we’ll help you with our excellent pressure washer knowledge and services.