South East Driveway Cleaning only uses the top equipment for the job, as nothing else but the best job will do. Our attachment of choice is the Kärcher FR30 ME, a pressure washing attachment designed to produce the best results while cleaning hard surfaces. The reality is, the only way to guarantee a good job when it comes to cleaning is to ensure the top equipment, training, and supplies.

Unlike a standard pressure washer nozzle the Kärcher FR30 ME allows cleaning to be targeted at a specific area of the driveway, with powerful rotating nozzles. The rotating nozzles ensure all of the grim and dirt on the driveway or patio is removed, even what is hiding between the cracks and paving stones.  In the case of stone driveways it is perfect for getting off the dirt, moss and other debris, which build up between the stones.


High Quality


This high quality tool of the trade has a stainless steel housing, which minimises the mess, and splashing. It ensures we localize the cleaning, and do not end up with a significant quantity of hot water on nearby grass and plants. South East Driveway Cleaning never cuts corners, and nor do team members. This is why we use only the highest quality equipment, the best quality sealants, and best in industry practices on driveway cleaning, driveway restoration, tarmac restoration, patio cleaning and patio restoration.


The Kärcher FR30 ME has ceramic bearings so it will not damage the surface of your driveway, and has a large intense coverage area. The stainless steel casing helps to keep in the steam and hot water from the pressure washer giving your driveway a thorough deep clean, and removing stuck in oil and dirt.


Pressure Washer


We also have several pressure washers, suitable for any job. Luckily the Kärcher FR30 ME attaches to all of them, and helps them to achieve a perfect job every time.

There are two types of pressure washers in our fleet. One is diesel powered, and allows for high powered industrial cleaning. It is perfect for tarmac or other surfaces that end up highly soiled and soaked with grease. While the second type is an electric variety, equally powerful, but with a much lower through put of water, it is suitable for your average residential patio.


Guaranteed Good Clean


With the Kärcher FR30 ME we can guarantee we will achieve a great clean every time. It is because of our trust in our equipment and our staff training that we can guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction. Our use of high quality equipment and training over a period of 20 years is why we have become one of the most trusted high-pressure cleaners in the Sussex area.


With our partnership with Kärcher and their high quality products you can put your trust for your driveway cleaning needs in the hands of the team at South East Driveway Cleaning. If you would like a free no hassle quote, contact us today and we will drop by for a visit.