Every year many Sussex residents choose to upgrade their driveways, and replace them with a new one. They spend thousands of pounds on this process and are left with a brand new shiny driveway to show for it, and a huge bill to pay. South East Driveway Cleaning and its team of professionals specialize in cleaning and driveway restoration in Sussex.


A driveway restoration differs from a driveway cleaning in that it also usually involves a sealant. It may also involve some patching or fixing of the tarmac driveway, concrete driveway, or stone driveway. In Sussex driveway restoration is a viable option to replacing your driveway, and a way to make it brand new while building the appeal of your home on the real estate market.


Why Do Driveways Decay?

There are a number of reasons why driveways decay and then need a driveway restoration. In the case of concrete driveways, and tarmac driveways in Sussex, the fact is there is a lot of freezing and thawing that happens through the late autumn and winter season. Driveways are porous and to a certain extent will trap and hold water, and when water freezes it expands, and causes small cracks. Over a number of years the cracks will eventually cause large pieces to come off the driveway. This will lead to the need to either restore or replace the driveway.


The Driveway Restoration Process

Driveway restoration is a service that will make your old driveway look new again. The first step with every South East Driveway Cleaning service, is to send over one of our highly trained expert technicians. Our expert team member will provide a quote, and a suggested path on which to proceed with the driveway restoration.


Then the team will arrive at your house and get ready to fix your driveway, first doing a high-pressure wash. This is done with hot water in a rotary washing attachment with brushes to remove dirt, grime, weeds, and other materials responsible for the decay of the driveway.


Following the wash, any large loose chunks of concrete or tarmac will be removed. Then the team will patch the holes and spaces in order to ensure your driveway is stable and not loose. For stone driveways our team will clean out the stones, re balance and re sand them. This is free service for customers of a cleaning and a sealing.


After the completion of the patching phase, the team will proceed to seal the driveway. The sealant helps to keep out moisture, dirt, plants, lichens and other contamination, which cause a driveway to need a restoration in the first place.


Sussex Driveway Restoration Value and Service

South East Driveway cleaning is committed to the service of the customers in the Sussex area, and the team takes pride in having earned the trust of residents over 20 years. Any time a customer orders more than one service our estimators will work to offer a discount on the quote in order to thank you for your continued patronage.


Our team is always happy to provide advice and speak with prospective clients. Call the South East Driveway Cleaning team today for a free no hassle quote.