Regular pressure washing, driveway cleaning, and patio cleaning are all a great way to keep your outdoor surfaces in good shape. The sealing service can be done with little extra time and monetary investment, helping the results of a good clean to last longer.


South East Driveway Cleaning and its expert team of high-pressure driveway cleaners provide sealing service in addition to their traditional cleaning solution.  Customers doing both a cleaning and a driveway sealing obtain a discount compared to acquiring both services separately.


Tarmac Driveway Sealing Sussex

Our experts know that many driveways in Sussex are tarmac driveways. Sealing tarmac driveways requires an extra big of attention, as they tend to crumble and corrode around the edges over time. Prior to resealing these driveways must be repaired around the edges, and in some cases patched to make a nice smooth finish. The tarmac driveway sealant comes in black or red, and is rolled on with large roller paintbrushes for an even full finish.


Concrete Driveway Sealing

Concrete driveways are one of the best looking driveways a homeowner can install. They come in three different forms, imprinted concrete, exposed rock, and regular concrete. Each is capable of lasting far longer than a single homeowner will ever own the home, if they are properly maintained and sealed on a frequent basis. Each naturally requires a slightly different mixture of sealant to keep them looking great and brand new.


Imprinted concrete driveway sealing service allows for the driveway to have its natural colours, or added colouring enhanced or changed. The sealants come in a matt or a glossy finish with a number of other additive choices. They are a great way to give the driveway that shiny new feel.


Stone Driveways and Patio Sealing in Sussex

Block paving stone driveways and patios can be finished with an extra special sealant. This special application involves painting on a hardwearing acrylic pre polymer sealant. This sealant seals the sand between the blocks of paving stones preventing further weed growth, the entry of grease and grime, and preventing the loss of joining sand over time. Considering the weather in the Sussex area, it is a great way to ensure your driveway stays looking great.


100% Local, No Hassles

South East Driveway Cleaning a Sussex sealing service is a 100% local company serving Sussex and the surrounding areas. Our team is proud of the reputation for quality, and providing a solid cleaning service over the past 20 years.


The reputation of our company for quality comes from our belief that a job should always be done right the first time. This is why all of our work is 100% guaranteed against early decay, wear, or defect. If you are not satisfied with your cleaning we will make it right.


Our quotes and giving us a call are free no hassle services. It costs nothing to have us come out and provide you advice on the best solution to use for sealing your driveway. So give us a call today and get your no obligation quote.