Is my driveway beyond the point of cleaning? It has oil spots and grass all over it?

The truth is a driveway clean will almost always be able to clean up any sort of mess. The same thing goes for the patio cleaning process. No matter what sort of dirt and grime you have managed to let build up our high tech rotary cleaner should be able to get it off.

How long does driveway cleaning / patio cleaning take?

Our high tech rotary designed driveway cleaning system is much faster and does a better job than your domestic pressure washing system. If it is a stone driveway sometimes we may need to come back a second day in order to brush left over sand down in between the stones. But as a general rule our services are completed in a single day.

How do we prevent the weeds and other growth from coming back up through the cracks in the driveway or between the stones on a stone driveway?

As part of the stone driveway cleaning process, and any quality driveway cleaning process, we will be using a sealant. This sealant works to keep moisture, oil, and other driveway unfriendly substances off of the driveway. This includes the growth of weeds through the cracks. We also recommend using a weed killer once or twice a summer season to prevent future growth.

Is a sealed driveway cleaning safe for pets and children?

Pets and children should be kept away from the driveway during the application of the sealants. However, once they have fully dried they are perfectly safe to resume playing on.

I know my stains cannot be removed – What are my options?

Our technicians will tell you this when they arrive to do your driveway. There are other solutions that we can employ; this includes special types of sealant that have pigmentation in them. Essentially, this is like painting the driveway with a really sturdy paint.

I spilled litres of petrol on my driveway – Should I tell you before cleaning?

Yes you need to tell us this. Many of the chemicals we will use to clean your driveway could react with the petrol producing some potentially unpleasant results.

You are sealing my driveway this year – how long until it needs to be sealed again?

Generally, based on normal use, wear and tear, your driveway cleaning sealant should last about 5 years. If your lifestyle or use of the driveway dictates that you frequently spill chemicals on it, then it may not last as long.

Why would I bother to clean my driveway?

A dirty driveway is a major put off for a home. Prospective buyers base much of home valuation on perceived value, if your driveway is ugly or unsightly then the perceived value of the home will be lower. Visitors will also be more impressed if the driveway is looking pristine.

I have always thought driveway cleaning was just a stopgap solution. Really the driveway just needs to be replaced.

Regularly sealing your driveway is not a stop gap solution. It is an investment in the future value of your property, in that it keeps your driveway looking new longer. The reality is replacing a driveway is an expensive and time consuming route, and if you think not being able to park on your driveway overnight while the sealant dries is bad, try several weeks while you wait for the paving crews to finish the driveway.

Besides driveways what other surfaces will you clean?

We will clean anything outdoors that can be cleaned with water, sealer, and a solution. This would include patio cleaning, patio restoration, driveway cleaning, driveway restoration, gutter and roof cleaning.

How much does a driveway clean cost?

A driveway clean cost varies depending on the driveway. A standard sized 200-400 square metre driveway cleaning will cost about £95.00. Prices are quoted based on the specific driveway.

Do sealants come in different styles and finishes?

Yes. Sealants come in different styles and finishes. These include a matt finish, a glossy finish, and a natural finish.

What are the different types of driveway cleaning sealants?

There are acrylic sealants, which would be a base low quality sealant, and last a couple of years. Then there are the more expensive pre-polymer urethane finishes, which last a longer time and allow you to choose from different styles and finishes.

What are the benefits of a good sealant?

The benefits of a good sealant are many. They include preventing ants from building nests under your driveway, reducing the porosity of the surface of the driveway, which limits the susceptibility to stains, enhances appearance, and stops the build up of plant material. This includes weeds, lichens, and algae.

I am a business owner with a car park; do you clean and reseal car parks?

We do clean and reseal car parks. There are many reasons why you might want to undertake the resealing of a car park, from the perception of your customers, to keeping it in good maintenance. Frequent cleaning and resealing of a car park will help it to last much longer.

Are you able to repaint the lines in the car park at the same time?

Yes, after we seal and clean the car park we can repaint the lines. Our crew will use only the best industrial pavement paint, which will last for many years to come.

Are there other commercial applications that could benefit from a clean?

We are frequently asked to resurface the area below children’s play areas. This ensures the dust, dirt and rocks that hurt children are sealed in and keeps the site looking great and in good shape. The dry sealant is perfectly safe around children, animals and plants.

What services do you offer in terms of driveway or patio re-sanding?

We offer a full range of services to re-sand your driveway or patio. We will pressure wash it out, and ensure we remove all of the old sand and growth before putting down fresh sand. Re-sanding takes a couple of days, as the sand has to settle between the patio stones and be swept around in order to ensure a lasting restoration.

The driveway at my home/business is tarmac – what options do I have?

A good pressure wash with our equipment will help to get all of the dirt and grime off of the surface. Beyond that we can resurface the tarmac with a sealant that makes it brand new without the expense of actually relaying. A sealed tarmac driveway is less susceptible to moisture retention, which in the case of the UK, with its freeze and thaw cycles, means less breakage and a longer lasting surface.

What does a typical cleaning procedure look like?

While no cleaning procedure is ever treated as typical, for most driveways we have four key tasks to perform to make them look brand new. First we remove the weeds and repair damaged or broken stones, or seal the jagged edges of a tarmac driveway. Then we use our cleaning attachment to deep clean the driveway with water. We apply any cleaning solutions that we need to use. After this we re-sand if it is necessary, and finally apply a sealant to hold the whole job together.

It rains a lot in my area. Will this impact the life of my driveway clean and sealant job?

Depending on the quality of the sealant used it will impact the life of the sealant. If a high quality sealant is put in place, like the ones we use, then it will make no difference even if you are in a desert, or flooding every day of the week.

Can you remove paint or graffiti from my driveway?

We can remove paint and graffiti from your driveway, and we can remove paint and graffiti from practically any stone surface similar to a driveway. We can also remove those pesky chewing gum spots if you are in an area where this occurs.

Is the process safe for the environment?

The process is safe for the environment if procedures are followed. Our staff is highly trained in the handling of chemicals, which the sealants are, to ensure they do not get on plants or affect animals in the home or local environment. Once the sealants are dry they are safe. Driveway cleaning is a very common well-practiced procedure. The number one and number two most used products in our industry are water and sand.

Are you currently franchising your business?

We are not currently franchising our business, however we are always open to new business opportunities to expand our driveway cleaning business. .

I want to work outdoors as a driveway cleaner – are you hiring?

Our business is always looking for new applicants to work in the driveway cleaning business. You can forward your information on the contact page and we will be in touch if we feel there is a fit.

How many years of experience do you have in doing driveway cleaning?

Our Company is a family business, which has been around for over 15 years. We know our customers expect value and good service, which is why we deliver it every day.

What equipment do you do use in your pressure washing and sealing business?

We use the Kärcher FR30 ME,  a stainless steel pressure washing head with ceramic-coated bearings. It is one of the best pieces of equipment on the market, and will leave your driveway looking brand new. This is because it is able to heat the water to about 80 degrees, and we all know what a good job heat and steam do when cleaning.

Does your equipment leave marks? Could it damage my driveway?

No the equipment does not leave marks, and it will not damage your driveway. Our Kärcher system is built to be non-marking.