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How to know when to Driveway Seal:

Why do I need to seal my driveway? There are numerous reasons why sealing a driveway is recommended, and it’s a subject that always arises when hiring driveway cleaning professionals such as ourselves. In this post we’re going to investigate asphalt driveway sealing and give you our expert sealing advice. At South East Driveway Cleaning we’re always happy to help advise you on which services would be best for your home.

Why do we seal driveways?

Unlike driveways, roads are rarely sealed due to the large number using the road ?on a daily basis. The coating would wear away very quickly! However, roads are designed to combat the corrosion and weather conditions they will experience and road resurfacing is always planned in advanced.

It is for this reason that we recommend asphalt sealing on your driveway. Without protection, you risk the surface of your driveway becoming brittle during the summer due to the harshness of UV rays which causes the road to crack. During the winter, these cracks fill with water and ice which causes subsequent damage.

Imagine the the asphalt like a softer, flexible upper layer, supported by harder structures underneath. The top layer provides protection which once damaged, can result in major corrosion on deeper levels. When building your driveway, you want to ensure that it will be long lasting. Sealing improves the efficiency of your driveway’s surface and will save you time and money in the future!

Sealing is not a regular job either!

The coating only needs to be replaced once the stones that make up the asphalt surface begin to show. Here at South East Driveway Cleaning, we’ll easily be able to gage whether you’re due for a reseal or not. If your driveway is brand new, you don’t need to seal it right away either. Only once the oils found in freshly laid asphalt have evaporated should you think about re-coating.

We at South East Driveway Cleaning only offer our customers the best products. We recommend that you never opt for the lower quality products used by rip-off driveway companies claiming to offer you a cheap deal. These products often contain substandard materials and will leave your driveway with an inadequate protective layer. If you have any queries about driveway sealing or questions with regards to getting the best out of your new driveway then give South East Driveway Cleaning a call today.