Pressure washers are one of the most useful tools for keeping your garden looking great. At South East Driveway Cleaning we take pride in being one of the top Sussex patio cleaning services, and driveway washers. For the past 20 years the people of Sussex have put their trust in South East Driveway Cleaning for their patio and driveway cleaning needs.


Our highly trained team of high-pressure cleaners is ready to take on any cleaning task that comes our way. No job is too big or small, and no patio or driveway beyond our ability to clean up.


Steps to a Clean Patio in Sussex

First our team will come to visit you and provide one of our always no hassle quotes. At South East Driveway Cleaning, our expert technicians and cleaners provide free quotations and advice. This means they must first do a thorough assessment of your patio cleaning needs in order to suggest a solution, which works to keep your patio in the best possible shape for years to come.


Upon completion of the assessment, and the customer agreeing to go ahead with the job, our patio-cleaning experts will remove all furnishings. Following this they will pressure wash the surface of either a wood patio, or a stone patio. This will give it a fresh and clean look. Following the assessment, if the home or business owner has asked for it, the team will set to work sealing the patio. The sealant will help to keep out the water and weather and keep the patio looking great for years to come.


Stunning Patios Add Value

The South East Driveway Cleaning team knows a good looking home is key to maximizing the value of the home when it comes time to sell. If the driveway and patio are in need of a good thorough cleaning, there is a good chance they do not look so great.


Homes that look uncared for or unkept, are proven time and time again to get lower real estate prices. Homebuyers in Sussex, Hampshire, and Surrey are notoriously picky when it comes to ensuring they buy a good-looking quality home. Even if you are not planning on selling your property, it is always best to keep it in top shape so if you do have to decide to sell it you can move it quickly and at top price.


Our Patio Cleaning Guarantee

All South East Driveway Cleaning work is guaranteed. This means if you are not 100% satisfied with the outcome and result of your cleaning and sealing we will do it again. If the job does not stand up to the weather the way it should, we will re do it to ensure every customer leaves happy. Over 20 years in business in the Sussex area and with many more planned our guarantee of quality work will continue.


Free Advice and Quote

Give us a call today by visiting our contact page. This is your opportunity to get free advice on your outdoor cleaning needs, with no hassle or fuss. South East Driveway Cleaning will not harass or repeatedly phone you if you decide not to proceed with the service after receiving our affordable no hassle quote. Our team believes no hassle means no hassle!