Tearing down your old wooden patio, or completely changing out a stone patio is an expensive and time-consuming process. Never mind the costs associated with building a replacement. South East Driveway Cleaning and its team of high pressure cleaning experts can help you quickly and easily restore your patio. The best part is a patio restoration will cost far less than tearing down and rebuilding.


Patios start to decay over time as weeds, plants, and dirt accumulate on stone patios. In the case of wooden patios mold, mildew and moss build up on the surface of the wood causing it to look unsightly. On a long-term basis if the patio is not restored, most Sussex residents find the patio will rot and have to be replaced. Patios that end up getting less weather, tend to turn grey, and start to detract from the appeal and value of a property.


Stone Patio Restoration in Sussex

Stone patio areas are a gorgeous feature, which compliment the garden, and allows homeowners the enjoyment of the outdoors. These patios are generally low maintenance and unusually made with stone blocks. If the patios are not maintained by having cleanings every 1-3 years, and a coat of sealant applied every 3-5 years they will need a stone patio restoration.


A stone patio needs a patio restoration when weeds and other plants start to grow up through the cracks between the blocks. At the same time sections of it will start to shift or sink, either causing water to pond, or creating the conditions for one of your guests to trip on a stone.


The South East Driveway Cleaning team does stone patio restoration by first providing a quote and advice. Once the homeowner decides the course of action, the team sets to work cleaning the patio with a pressure washer. Once the cleaning is complete the blocks are lifted, re leveled re sanded, and sealed with a sealant. This makes sure there will be no weeds grow, and the patio will have stability for years to come.


Wooden Patio Restoration

A wooden patio is quite different than a stone patio from a restoration process. The first step is to determine the state of the wood, and if it is rotten. In a wooden patio restoration rotten boards are replaced and the patio is pressure washed. The pressure washing will make the patio look brand new, and to keep that look a sealant is then applied to keep the weather and moss off the patio.


Guaranteed & No Hassle

After 20 years in business in Sussex, South East Driveway Cleaning and its team know the best way to earn repeat business is to keep customers happy. This means all of the work is 100% guaranteed against defect, and the team will return to fix any issues that arise with their work within the warranty period.


Our quotes are always provided on a no hassle basis, which means even if you are unsure what level of care your driveway or patio needs, give us a call. One of our experts will come out, evaluate and provide you some advice, free of charge!