There comes a time in the life of every tarmac surface, be it a driveway or a cark park where it needs some preventative maintenance. The best way to ensure your tarmac surface is maintained is with regular cleaning and resealing. Without resealing from time to time it is likely to end up covered in lichens and having plant material growing up through the surface of the driveway or other tarmac surface.


South East Driveway Cleaning has been cleaning and restoring driveways and surfaces of all types in Sussex and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. In this time the highly trained team at South East Driveway Cleaning have had the opportunity to become the most trusted tarmac restoration company in Sussex.


Restore Not Replace

Replacing the tarmac driveway is expensive, and a waste of hard earned money. The reality is most of the labour and expense of replacing the driveway is to replace what it underneath it and give it a facelift. This costs thousands of pounds, and unfortunately does a lot of work, which you do not really need, done. (IE replacing what is below the driveway)


The Sussex based South East Driveway Cleaning team has had years to work on refining the process for restoring your tarmac driveway. They have a multi step process, which they use, starting with a high-pressure hot water rotary clean of the tarmac. To do this the technician uses commercial cleaning equipment to make the surface as clean as possible, removing all algae, moss, oil residue, and plant growth.


After the washing is complete the tarmac driveway has already started to look a lot better. The next step is to remove all loose tarmac debris, which is usually found around the edges of the driveway, and replace it with some new tarmac patchwork. From there our team of highly trained technicians apply industry grade tarmac paint and sealer, which you cannot find at the local hardware store. This paint can be applied in the traditional black or in a red colour to suit your personal tastes.


All Sussex Tarmac Restoration jobs Are Equal

There is no minimum or maximum size in square metres to call our Sussex based team for a quote. No matter how big or small, we are always ready to provide a quote and take your work seriously.


Commercial Grade Service

South East Driveway Cleaning has a team of experts, which can handle a job of any size. If you have a car park, which needs a touch up, give us a call. If you have a tiny driveway we will still give you the same great service, and treat you like our most important customer. It is why we are the top tarmac restoration company in Sussex for over 20 years running.


No Obligation Quote

All of the quotes issues by South East Driveway Cleaning, a Sussex based company are on a no obligation basis. If our estimator ends up providing you advice, and you do not use our service, there is still no charge for it. This is why with over 20 years in business South East Driveway Cleaning has become the most trusted name in pressure washing in East and West Sussex, Hampshire, and Surrey areas. Get in touch with us today for a no obligation quote.