South East Driveway Cleaning

Public Liability Limit of Indemnity £1,000,000

By booking our services you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below.

The Company: will perform the services selected by you. The Company: will use all reasonable skill and care in performing the services.

The Company: will use all reasonable endeavours to complete the services by the time and day we have stated that the services should be performed by.

In the event that we cannot complete the services on the designated day we will seek to contact you and arrange for the services to be completed on the soonest available subsequent day. We will accept no liability for
failing to perform the services on time, or not at all.

To cancel an appointment we require a minimum of 48 hours notice. We may at our discretion issue a charge not more than the price of the service booked to recover costs of lost business if less than 48 hours notice is given.

Payment For Services: Payment for services is to be made immediately upon completion of these services.

In the unlikely event that your appointment has to be delayed or cancelled by us, we will contact you as soon as possible. We will not be held liable for any consequential losses resulting from such delay or cancellation. If you are unhappy with our service and would like to make a complaint please contact us via the letter using the contact details provided. We will then review the complaint and contact you within 30 days.

Liability Disclaimer: Pressure washing can reveal pre-existing damage to the surfaces that are being cleaned. The Company accepts no responsibility for pre-existing damage, which may be revealed either during pressure washing or at anytime after the pressure washing is complete.

Damage to drains: The Company shall not be liable in respect of damage to drains or pipes caused by or arising out of any cleaning or unblocking process or work.

Heat exclusion: The Company shall not be liable in respect of Bodily Injury or loss of or damage to property caused by or in connection with the use of electric oxyacetylene or other welding or heat cutting equipment hot air guns blow lamps or blow torches tar bitumen or asphalt heaters or any other equipment or process involving the application or use of heat elsewhere than at the insured’s own premises.

Work restriction: The Company shall not be liable in respect of Bodily Injury or loss of or damage to property caused by or in connection with work in or on buildings or that part of any building occupied solely as private dwellings shops offices hotels public houses guest houses schools colleges residential retirement or nursing homes ( including the grounds thereof )

Excluded Activities:

1. The Company shall not be liable in respect of Bodily Injury or loss of or damage to property caused by or in connection with.

1.1. the demolition or partial demolition of any structure.
1.2. the surfacing or construction of roads.
1.3. the laying of underground services unless incidental to any building contract undertaken by the Insured for which indemnity is provided hereunder.
2. any excavation exceeding in any part a depth of three metres.

3. the felling or lopping of any tree exceeding five metres in height.

4. pile driving quarrying the use storage or possession of explosives water diversion or work under water fuel gas or mineral exploration or extraction.

5. the use or possession of tower cranes or cradles

6. working or on blast furnaces chimney or well shafts viaducts bridges mines refineries off shore installations power stations dams tunnels airports or aerodromes docks wharves piers harbours railways ships
aircraft towers or steeples.

7. work in or on any building used for the manufacture processing or bulk storage for wholesale purposes of any gas chemical explosive oil or petroleum based product.

8. work on computers or ancillary equipment and their cabling used for any business purpose.